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Stock Market Visualization

Zura Kakushadze and Willie Yu

Correspondence: Zura Kakushadze ,

Quantigic Solutions LLC, USA

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We provide complete source code for a front-end GUI and its back-end counterpart for a stock market visualization tool. It is built based on the “functional visualization” concept we discuss, whereby functionality is not sacrificed for fancy graphics. The GUI, among other things, displays a color-coded signal (computed by the back-end code) based on how “out-of-whack” each stock is trading compared with its peers (“mean-reversion”), and the most sizable changes in the signal (“momentum”). The GUI also allows to efficiently filter/tier stocks by various parameters (e.g., sector, exchange, signal, liquidity, market cap) and functionally display them. The tool can be run as a web-based or local application.


  stock market, visualization, mean-reversion, momentum, signal, quantitative, sector, industry, sub-industry, liquidity, market capitalization, color-coding, exchange, functionality, source code, visual effects, trading, tickers, stocks, equities, filtering, tiering, industry classification, volatility, price, volume


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