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Treasury prices jumped Friday after reports that Ukrainian forces engaged with a Russian military unit on Ukrainian soil. A Ukrainian spokesperson said forces destroyed part of the Russian unit, the latest sign of intensifying troubles in the region. Investors fled risky assets in favor of assets deemed safe during times of uncertainty, such as U.S. Treasurys and German bunds.

The 10-year Treasury note (10_YEAR) yield, which falls as prices rise, was down 6.5 basis points on the day at 2.329%, on track for a fresh 14-month low on a closing basis. The yield was set to drop 8.5 basis points on the week, marking its fifth weekly drop in six.

The 10-year German bund yield dropped 5 basis points to 0.965%, a fresh record low on a closing basis. The yield dipped below 1% for the first time on Thursday.

“It’s all geopolitical. It’s a slow Friday in the market, and I think that’s where the focus is right now,” said Vishal Khanduja, portfolio manager at Calvert Investments.

Economic data on Friday helped move the market:

The 5-year note (5_YEAR) yield rose 4.5 basis points to 1.516% while the 30-year bond (30_YEAR) bond fell 7.5 basis points to 3.125%. The difference between them narrowed in what’s known as a flattening yield curve.